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From King’s Landing to the Red Carpet

With all the premieres and red carpets behind us, my little birds have been digging around and found out which products some of the ladies of Westeros used for their appearances. Scroll down for tips on how to get Lena Headey’s … Continue reading

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Inside Littlefinger’s Brothel

In Westeros, harlots have all kinds of tricks up their sleeves. Not only skilled in the art of love, whores can be valuable allies and informants. Ros knew how to hu$tle her way out of Winterfell all the way to … Continue reading

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Brienne the Beauty

Brienne of Tarth might be mocked for her masculine features and towering height in Westeros, but whoa, have you seen Gwendoline Christie in real life? She’s SUPER pretty! I love that smoky eye on her below at the season 3 … Continue reading

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Ygritte’s Perfect Complexion

Have you ever seen such a flawless and lovely complexion? I can’t get over how amazing Rose Leslie’s skin (and, well, everything else) looks here. So soft and glowing with the most perfect defined eyes. Whoever did her makeup did … Continue reading

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