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SEASON 5 IS HERE!!!!!!!111

IT IS TIME, FRIENDS! Season 5 has offially begun. Don’t read this if you haven’t watched the season premier, for the web is dark and full of spoilers. (Or do, I don’t care.) I think I’m going to write about a look we … Continue reading

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Westeros Weekly

The world premier of season 5 will be held at the historic venue the Tower of London on March 18. [Sky Atlantic] The blooper reel is back! Even Ser Pounce misses his cue sometimes. [Vanity Fair] Sophie Turner looks amazing as Town & Country’s … Continue reading

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Season 5 is Coming!!

Hear ye, hear ye! We’ve been on the downlow for a while but now that the premier of season 5 is near, it’s time to pick up the pace again! First off, the trailer has arrived. That means countdown is officially … Continue reading

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Comic Con and Season 5 Castings

Valar Morghulis… It’s been a while but Westeros Beauty is up again! Expect some more post here & there about season 5, red carpet appearances, editorials and of course beauty stuff. Feel free to tweet me @westerosbeauty for links, suggestions, … Continue reading

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Westeros Weekly

Take a look at Sansa’s stunning feathered mourning dress. [Making Game of Thrones] Gwendoline Christie is on a roll lately! Besides Game of Thrones and Hunger Games, she’ll be joining the Star Wars franchise. But on which side will she be on? [Time] … Continue reading

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Initiated by the Drowned Priest

Bless him with salt, bless him with stone, bless him with steel. What is dead may never die, but rises again, harder and stronger. Having just started reading A Feast for Crows (book IV), I’ve found a new love for Balon … Continue reading

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From King’s Landing to the Red Carpet

With all the premieres and red carpets behind us, my little birds have been digging around and found out which products some of the ladies of Westeros used for their appearances. Scroll down for tips on how to get Lena Headey’s … Continue reading

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