Season 5 is Coming!!

Hear ye, hear ye! We’ve been on the downlow for a while but now that the premier of season 5 is near, it’s time to pick up the pace again! First off, the trailer has arrived. That means countdown is officially on! I spy a LOT of interesting scenes coming up…

Second; press photos! This is exciting. Our first look at what the ladies at court are wearing this season (cloth of gold, mermaid waves, and Westerosi braids), Cersei’s classic ‘don’t fuck with me’ face makes an unsurprising appearance, the eldest Stark daughter is still going through a goth phase, Dany is “busy playing Judge Judy in a pyramid“, and Melisandre is probably burning some heretics. I’m still waiting for an official introduction to the Sand Snakes though. Anyway, check it:


More news: the exhibit is coming back! If you’re lucky enough to live in the near vicinity of London, Amsterdam (yesss!), Stockholm, Madrid, Paris, or Tel Aviv you are one lucky bastard! There will be props & costumes, interactive photo opportunities, and the Oculus Rift 4D experience. Hopefully this time visitors will be allowed more than 15 minutes at the exhibit. Not all the dates are known yet so keep an eye on

Game of Thrones

The closer we come to the premiere date (April 12) the more you’ll be seeing here!

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