Westeros Weekly


  • Take a look at Sansa’s stunning feathered mourning dress. [Making Game of Thrones]
  • Gwendoline Christie is on a roll lately! Besides Game of Thrones and Hunger Games, she’ll be joining the Star Wars franchise. But on which side will she be on? [Time]
  • Rose Leslie talks about Ygritte being a scorned woman and what’s in store for Jon Snow’s former flame this season. [IGN]
  • Head costume designer Michele Clapton attended the Costume Designers Guild Awards and talked about “raping and pillaging” history to create her pieces for the show. [Mingle Media]
  • Natalie Dormer explains why she shaved half her head and where the Purple Wedding leaves Margaery. [Late Night with Seth Meyers]
  • Canadian jewelers Pyrrha have debuted a 24-piece line of handmade Game of Thrones rings and necklaces cast in silver to show your alliance. [Pyrrha]
  • Relive the most iconic deaths in the realm with Robert M. Ball’s Game of Thrones artwork (keep checking on Fridays for new ones). [Beautiful Death]
  • Move over raw stallion heart, the Khaleesi Burger looks a lot more appetizing and less bloody. [PornBurger]
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