Initiated by the Drowned Priest


Bless him with salt, bless him with stone, bless him with steel. What is dead may never die, but rises again, harder and stronger.

Having just started reading A Feast for Crows (book IV), I’ve found a new love for Balon Greyjoy’s youngest brother, Aeron Greyjoy, also known as the Damphair. On the show we only really see him during Theon’s baptism upon his return to Pyke, so we don’t know much about him yet. In the books however, he’s not particularly likable, and the Drowned Priest might be an odd beauty inspiration, but waist-long hair with seaweed woven into it is pretty much the mermaid hair of my dreams. I already talked about his niece, Asha (Yara), a while back in The Kraken’s Daughter, but I feel like the youngest of the nine Greyjoy brothers is worthy of his own post. Proceed if you wish to be initiated as a Drowned (Wo)man.


You’d look like a true member of the clergy, but walking around with actual strands of seaweed could have you smelling like a dead squid. Instead, use marine extracts to your advantage and moisturize your tresses with Bumble & Bumble Seaweed shampoo & conditioner. If you’re going for a more beachy look, Surf Foam Wash shampoo will give your hair volume and that ‘just went for a dip in Ironman’s Bay’ texture. (Salt spray optional.)



I’m guessing that the Damphair is a pretty clean guy (people didn’t bathe much in the middle ages) since he spends most of his time drowning men in the sea. If soap was a thing on the Iron Islands, Lush Sea Vegetable would be a best-seller. The seaweed, lime and sea salt are a great combination for clean and invigorated skin. For an extra exfoliating treat, use together with Ocean Salt (it says this stuff is suitable for your face, but due to the high alcohol content I do NOT recommend this!).



I’m a sucker for unique packaging and this Duwop Sea Shell Compact definitely falls into that category! The ‘Mystic Waters’ eyeshadow duo has iridescent coral & shimmering aquamarine shades that can be used together or separately for an aquatic look.


MAC is releasing an entire aquatic-inspired line in a few weeks, including lipsticks, lipglasses, lip pencils, eyeshadows, bronzers and nail lacquers!! One very Drowned Priest appropriate eyeshadows is ‘Sea Worship’, a shimmery tarnished olive shade, but there are plenty of other watery pieces in the collection. (Go here to see all the products.)



Even if you’re landlocked you can pledge fealty to He Who Dwells Beneath the Waves. Try Deborah Lippmann Mermaid’s Dream nail polish for a gorgeous sea foam green lacquer with flecks of glitter that give an ethereal sparkle to your nails.



If Aeron Greyjoy smells like anything, it would be seawater, damp hair and a broth of clams and seaweed cooked above a driftwood fire. Not the sexiest of scents, but my favorite perfumers, Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab, have a few unique blends that come close enough!

  • Olokun – The glorious, unknowable gloom of the ocean floor.
  • The Deep Ones – Black algae, drooping seaweed, salty brine, and crushed coral. 
  • Windward PassageMarine accord, seaweed, and bladderwrack.
  • Cthulhu – A creeping, wet, slithering scent, dripping with seaweed, oceanic plants and dark, unfathomable waters. 
  • Vial of Holy Water – The gleaming, indescribably clean scent of purified, ritually consecrated holy water.


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