DIY Makeup of the Realm

While no officially endorsed cosmetics line has been created yet (someone who’s an art director at MAC make this happen plz), fans of the ever growing Game of Thrones franchise are making their own Westeros-inspired makeup and beauty products. From Stormborn nail lacquer to Red Wedding lip gloss, here’s a list of eyeshadows, polishes and balms available from the realm.


Cheshire Minerals: Joffrey’s Head on a Stick

Cheshire Minerals: I have to commend this loose-powder eyeshadow company just for the name of their shimmery red color: Joffrey’s Head on a Stick! Besides this shade for traitors, there’s Tits and Wine (a Dornish red), Kingslayer/Oathkeeper (dusty gold/midnight blue), Highgarden (pale pink) and a handful of others inspired by A Song of Ice and Fire.


Oslo Cosmetics: Essos

Oslo Cosmetics: The Game of Thrones line from this Columbus, Ohio based company consists of five earth-tone metallic eyeshadows that would probably be most suited for sparkly smokey eyes. Names as Westeros (a deep golden hue) and Essos (dark green) are a bit obvious, but the colors seem pigmented enough to make a nice addition to any Westerosi beauty queen’s collection. You can check out the swatches over here.


Shiro Cosmetics: Little Bird

Shiro Cosmetics: With fifteen shimmery eyeshadows, The Seven Kingdoms collection is by far the biggest I’ve seen on the web so far. The shades range from grey-white (You Know Nothing) to pure metallic black (Valar Morghulis), and have some colorful tints like Maiden Queen (a bright aqua shimmer and golden-rose sparks) and Little Bird (a delicate matte mauve/beige pink) as well. The line isn’t limited to just eyeshadows, there’s a Red Wedding lip gloss to commemorate a certain dreadful event from A Storm of Swords.


Geek Chic Cosmetics: Across the Narrow Sea

Geek Chic Cosmetics: Sparkles seem to be a popular choice in the world of fan-made Westeros makeup collections, and this line is no exception. The Win or Die collection by Geek Chic Cosmetics features 8 glimmering eyeshadows inspired by characters (Sellsword, The Imp, Kingslayer, The Spider), objects (The Pointy End) and places (Across the Narrow Sea).


Dope Digits: If you can’t decide which house you’re rooting for, these nail decals got you covered. The designs feature the sigils of Stark, Targaryen, Lannister, Tully, Greyjoy, Arryn and Baratheon and can be placed over any color nail polish. To seal them in, finish with a clear top coat.


Yume Lacquer: Not Today

Yume Lacquer: While enameled nails are usually reserved for the flamboyant Tyroshi in Essos, these polishes are a fun way to add some Game of Thrones to your look. The shades have some pretty great names such as Stormborn (gold to orange duochrome with lilac and dark silver glitter) and What Is Dead May Never Die (a murky blue to lilac duochrome).


Fanchromatic Nails: The Seven Kingdoms

Fanchromatic Nails: These nail polishes are a bit more extreme in terms of color and flamboyance partly due to the size of the sparkles, but if you’re not afraid to show off your devotion to the Drowned God (a greenish blue with holographic glitters) or want to reflect your love for the Dire Wolf (dark grey with white, brown, black, and grey glitters), this might be for you.


Incidental Twin: Stark

Incidental Twin: Apparently nail lacquers are very popular among Game of Thrones fans, because these handmade polishes have fifteen different colors, divided in sets of three per category: Targaryen (strangely enough no silvery white here), Lannister (red shimmer and ‘golden coin’ glitters for that ‘Tywin Lannister shits gold’ feel), Dothraki (deep sky blue, grassy green, brown-red), Greyjoy (all sea-green and iron tones) and Stark (wintery silvers and glitter snowflakes).


Bubble and Geek: Lemon Cake

Bubble and Geek: Besides scented candles, this geeky little Etsy shop sells Game of Thrones-inspired lip balms such as Lemon Cake (Sansa’s favorite) and Winter is Coming (vanilla mint), a perfumed body spray named Stormborn Queen (sugared orange, mulberry and spices) and roll-on fragrances including King in the North (lavender, cardamom and oakmoss with a hint of mint & vanilla) and Sweetsleep (citrus, bergamot, orange, lily and piney woods).

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One Response to DIY Makeup of the Realm

  1. V says:

    Joffrey’s head on a stick cracks me up. I loveeee Shiro Cosmetics line. From the colors to the cute descriptions, I can’t stop looking at the site 🙂

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