Black Milk Clothing Debuts Game of Thrones Line

Hugely popular Australian brand Black Milk Clothing already has quite the geek repertoire with clothing lines inspired by Harry Potter, Star Wars, Batman and Lord of the Rings, but now they’ve announced to take on Westeros as well with leggings, dresses, T-shirts, skirts and bathing suits based on the Game of Thrones franchise. The officially licensed pieces will be available on March 11. Here’s a sneak peek!

Rhaegal Dragon Egg Vegas Swim


Clash of Kings HWMF Leggings

Thrones Reversible Skater Dress

Lashes Gold Reversible Skater Dress

Drogon Dragon Egg Skater Skirt

Black Stark BFT

Westeros Dress

[21/02/14 Edit] Black Milk has just released 3 more designs:

Westeros Reversible Skater Dress

Drogon Dragon Egg HWMF Leggings

Team Stark GFT

[23/02/2014] …And more!

Clash of Kings Swimsuit

Clash of Kings Swimsuit close-up

Team Targaryen GFT

Littlefinger HWMF Leggings






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13 Responses to Black Milk Clothing Debuts Game of Thrones Line

  1. MarchHare says:

    I’ll be happy to visit the Wall or King’s Landing on the last one…

  2. valens999 says:

    All for women, of course.

  3. Vanaathiel says:

    I’ve seen this done with LOTR as well. Basically they slap posters onto skin tight dresses and tights.

  4. 43 year old says:

    I love the Stark t-shirt. But other than that, I cannot imagine wearing anything in this collection. I guess they are marketing to the geeky supermodel. Very strange!

  5. may says:

    I love that bathing suit.

  6. GameofThronesfan666 says:

    Aaaaaaand it’s jumped he shark.

  7. jorge says:


    how can i buy it?

    I am from peru.

    Its gonna be a present for my girlfriend.


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