Melisandre’s Bewitching Beauty


Whether you’re a die-hard Lord of Light cultist or think Melisandre is a total R’hllor freak, her beauty is undeniable. The shadowbinding sorceress from Asshai has flawless skin, a perfect figure, and the fiery hair of my dreams, no wonder Stannis Baratheon is all over his spiritual adviser. I’m not quite sure about her true motives (yet) but she definitely plays up her appearance to appear more powerful and mysterious. If you’re short on magic spells, try these potions to enhance your enchanting looks as a Red Priestess. (No leeches  or blood of kings required!)



Bathe in fire with Roberta Andrade Fire Shower & Bath Gel, which will leave your skin clean, soft, and smelling of neroli, orange, ylang, rose, frankincense, tonka bean, sandalwood, and vanilla.



Lord of Light approved? With a name like L’Oreal Lumi Magique Light-Reflecting Foundation, I think yes. This is the liquid foundation I’m currently using when I want more coverage than a BB cream, and I really enjoy the texture & natural finish. Pair with the Magic Lumi Light Infusing Primer underneath for an extra glowing look.

Loreal Lumi Magique


If the whole ‘all red everything’ look is a bit too much for you, go for a bold red lip to make a statement. My all-time favorite matte red is MAC Russian Red; it doesn’t bleed or smudge, and looks good all day (or night)! I will repurchase this again and again. Another great shade is Dolce & Gabbana Classic Cream Lipstick in Ruby, which delivers intense color with a soft sheen and a delicate rose scent for a perfect red lip. If you can get your hands on one of the 2011 limited edition Dolce & Gabbana Ruby collection lipsticks, the packaging alone is worth it (see below). They might not be as magical as Melisandre’s magical glowy ruby (what’s up with that, anyway?) but definitely as covetable!



One of Melisandre’s best features is her super long red hair. If you’re going to dye yours, I highly, highly recommend getting it done by a professional. I tragically learned this the hard way thinking I could bleach it myself and dump some chemicals on it to turn it scarlet red. It DID look nice for the first couple of weeks but I ended up with a frizzy, dry mess. Lesson learned: go to a professional colorist or try a less damaging alternative like henna. Red is notoriously hard to maintain so be sure to invest in a (preferably sulfate-free) color-extending shampoo and conditioner, such as Bumble & Bumble True Red.


As you may know by now, my love for hair masks knows no bounds. Especially if you have color-treated hair, deep conditioning treatments are 100% worth making a part of your weekly hair regimen. Shu Uemura Full Shimmer Illuminating Treatment Masque is especially formulated with musk rose oil to keep dyed hair shiny and extend color.


To create Melisandre’s hairstyle, check out the tutorial below.

melisandre hair

Melisandre’s Hairstyle by Healthy Hair Plus


For the Red Priestess, I’ve picked a few Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab perfume oils to evoke light and fire.

Inferno; Cinnamon, bitter almond, and neroli. Very, very spicy!

DjinnThe scent of black smoke, of crackling flames, and smoldering ashes. This one’s not for the faint of heart. I really like it but it’s quite a heavy and evil scent (maybe not the kind to wear on a first date, but definitely one for a black mass).

The Light of Men’s Lives; The wax and smoke of millions upon millions of candles illuminating the walls of a shadow demon Death’s shadowy cave. Soft and waxy with a bit of musk.


Ever wondered what burning gods smell like? Probably a bit like Demeter’s Bonfire cologne, Stannis Baratheon’s ego, and a dash of Davos Seaworth’s disapproval.



OK, this is not technically a beauty product but it has Melisandre written all over it. Behold: House of Unquenchable Fire home & linen spray. If you wonder what her solar at Dragonstone smells like, try glittering amber, frankincense, neroli, vanilla silk, and champaca. Divine!

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