The Kraken’s Daughter


Yara Greyjoy, known as Asha in A Song of Ice and Fire, might not be one of the obvious beauty icons of the realm, but the ironborn princess is not to be overlooked. (I can’t be the only one who finds her sexy, right?) Her house claims descent from the Grey King, who took a mermaid for his wife during the Age of Heroes, so it comes as no surprise that the Iron Island-native would have a beauty routine inspired by the sea. Scroll down to dive up some treasures from the deep if you’re a babe who would rather be commanding her own longship than doing needlework at the Queen’s court.


The Kraken’s Daughter Beauty Routine

The Aqua Marina facial cleanser from Lush is a wonderful concoction with nori seaweed & aloe vera, perfect for dry or sensitive skin types. This big sushi-looking roll is super gentle and makes skin feel soft as a mermaid’s bottom. Mix a little bit with water, apply all over the face in a circular motion and rinse thoroughly. Do keep an eye on the expiration date, as this is a freshly made product will last you about three turns of the moon.


Kiehl’s is a trusted cosmetics brand in my house and I’ve been eyeing their skin-balancing Algae Masque for a while. In addition to algae, it contains green tea, chamomile and calendula to moisturize and soften dry to normal skin types. Sounds pretty awesome to me after a long and hard battle at sea. P.S. While you wait for the masque to do its job, why don’t you pour yourself a nice glass of Kraken Rum?


I didn’t even want to mention this next product because it’s so obscenely expensive, but Crème de la Mer is pretty legendary in the beauty realm and contains some fancy schmancy ‘Miracle Broth™’ made from fermented kelp which is supposed to transform you into a mermaid your skin, improve firmness and fade wrinkles. I can’t say I’m Lannister-wealthy so I’ve never shelled out that many Gold Dragons for a face cream, but then again ironborn only pay the iron price…


Before your next pillaging, treat yourself to a nice foot scrub with Pearl Diver from Villainess, a blend of 4 salt and a touch of kelp to exfoliate your hard-working footsies. I doubt you’ll find any pearls on the coast of Pyke, but the Drowned God may be kind enough to grant you callus-free heels scented with bergamot & sandalwood.



If you’re familiar with Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab, it won’t come as a surprise that the perfume oil emporium once created a scent befitting house Greyjoy called Giant Squid. Unfortunately for those who do not sow, this was an event-exclusive that swam away long ago… There are a few other scents suitable of our seafaring warrior however, such as The Sea Foams Blood, which is said to have the smell of “blood rising through an ocean wave”, and one of my all-time favorites: Jolly Roger, “sea spray with an undercurrent of leather, Bay Rum, and salty, dry woods” which is obviously the best pirate scent ever created.


TokyoMilk’s Excess No.28 (weirdly) doesn’t have aquatic notes but it does have a kraken on the bottle so it’ll look pretty cool in your captain’s cabin. Its notes are amber resin, oak bark, blood orange and patchouli.



Another Lush product, but this stuff is incredible. Big is a shampoo with sea salt, seaweed, coconut oil, avocado butter and citrus juices to leave your hair voluminous, shiny and soft. Its consistency is quite gritty which you might have to get used to but the results are fabulous. They have a similar solid shampoo bar called Seanik, but I find that Big gives fine hair much more volume.


Last but not least, Yara’s hairstyle can easily be achieved by using a generous amount of sea salt spray and not washing it for a few days. I use Toni&Guy’s Sea Salt Texturizing Spray from their ‘Casual’ line, but most hairstyling brands have one or you can make your own. I wouldn’t use it every day though, as sea salt can dry out hair. Alternatively, spend some time on the Black Wind for a similar effect!


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2 Responses to The Kraken’s Daughter

  1. meghan says:

    I have an imp of Jolly Roger and I thought I wouldn’t like it at all but it is pretty amazing, and the salt notes make it a great summer fragrance.

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